Chai Latte – Cup Candle




Our Chai Latte Candle exudes warmth and comfort with its cosy vibe, perfect for accenting the coffee table, kitchen counter, or dining area.


Barista of Candles

Appearing exactly like a professional chai latte you would order from a cafe, this soy candle has a glass cup vessel filled with a warm brown tone, topped with a creamy white layer, a cinnamon stick, and cocoa sprinkles for added realism. The comfort it brings to any setting will immediately uplift a relaxing atmosphere, whether it be lit or unlit.


Coffee-Lover’s Dream

Once lit, bathe in its heavenly chai latte aroma – perfect for coffee lovers! Let it tempt you to make a latte of your own or simply recline on your sofa in the living room while breathing in its comforting scent before bedtime. Any lover of lattes will undoubtedly cherish the look and fragrance of this creative candle, making it a neat gift idea for a friend, too.


Morning/Evening Companion

With 25 hours of burn time, you can light the chai latte candle during evenings for extra ambience, for special occasions to welcome guests comfortably into your home, or create an uplifting scent in the mornings for yourself before work. Our candles are hand poured using 100% soy wax right here in Melbourne, Australia, for optimally safe burning.


  • 100% soy wax
  • Creative latte design with cinnamon stick
  • Cosy decoration for the home
  • Heart-warming chai latte scent
  • ~25 hours of burn time

Additional Information

Weight0.26 kg
Coffee Cup Size

Small (~25 hours), Large (~40 hours)