Chakra – Geometric Chakra Candle




Connect the flow of energy within, unblock your chakras, and achieve harmony with our Chakra Intention Crystal Candle.


Join Your Chakras

A sacred Hinduism tradition, aligning the chakras is associated with optimal mental and physical well-being. It focuses on enhancing clarity of mind and the flow of energy inside of you, with 7 chakras that correspond to a unique symbol within. Our chakra candle aims to help you unblock and connect your chakras with special chakra alignment crystals and clear quartz decorating the top of the candle. In doing so, you can feel a greater sense of harmony in mind, body, and spirit.


Essential Oils Aroma

In addition to the wonderful chakra alignment crystals, a wooden wick accents this crystal candle, complete with various essential oils mixed into the soy wax blend. This combines aromatherapy with the power of crystals for an enriching experience like no other. Like crystals, essential oils come with their own outstanding benefits, such as calmness, clarity, and joy.


Contemporary Style

The geometric design of our chakra candle adds to its beauty as a decorative touch to your home, particularly modern spaces. While it works to align your chakras and invigorate your sense, it’s also a pleasant sight no matter where it’s placed. This also makes it a special gift idea for a friend or anyone in need of harmony.


  • 100% soy wax with 500ml of wax
  • Geometric style for a contemporary look
  • Chakra alignment crystals & clear quartz
  • Delightfully scented with essential oils
  • 60+ hours of burn time

Additional Information

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