Clarity – Geometric Kyanite & Smoky Quartz Crystal Candle




An immersion of clarity and tranquillity; the Clarity Intention Candle calms and purifies the mind to help you nurture the path forward.


A Decorative Touch

The clarity intention candle resides within a polygonal-style base inspired by the timeless aesthetic of geometry. A gold trim accents the top for a touch of elegance. This candle not only uplifts a positive aroma but also makes a stylishly pleasant addition to your side table, coffee table, or as a special gift idea to a friend.


Reach Clarity

A fusion of kyanite and smoky quartz crystals in the Clarity Intention Candle exudes numerous healing properties, such as emotional balance, attunement, and relaxation. Let this candle eradicate your stress and soothe your soul with a very special meditative experience. Ultimately, you can feel progress towards clarity after a therapeutic session with it.


Sea Breeze Scent

Reminiscent of a walk on the beach shore, the sea salt and ocean breeze aroma of this candle transports you to the sea where calm meets joy. Delight in the scent around your home, such as the bedroom and living room, or position it at the entrance to welcome guests with its breezy fragrance.



To top it all off, this candle features 100% soy wax hand-poured in Victoria, plus a wooden wick that complements the natural properties within. Once lit, the flame reflects and illuminates the crystals in a mesmerising dance. Invigorate your mind with up to 60 hours of burning time with Clarity.


  • 100% soy wax with 500ml of wax
  • Geometric style for a contemporary look
  • Kyanite & smoky quartz crystals
  • Salty sea scent
  • 60 hours of burn time

Additional Information

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