Energy – Geometric Citrine Candle




Feel energised and ready to take on anything with our Energy Intention Candle.


Premium Design

A collaboration of quality materials and crystals sourced from nature makes this crystal candle a cherished addition to any space. The geometric-inspired base with polygonal features is exciting with a modern appeal, while the gold trim gives it an elegant contrast, also matching the crystals within.


A Beautiful Sight

Residing inside this candle is a special surprise. The citrine crystals alongside a wooden wick are an unexpected sight – it’s not often you find a candle so unique to display in your home or to gift to a friend. Chips of yellow aventurine also decorate the candle with powerful cleansing properties, accompanied by a delightful scent of Australian florals and honey.


Achieve Anything

When you activate the properties of the Citrine in this geo crystal candle, you can bask in its nurturing power of optimism, helping you manifest life-changing opportunities and breakthroughs. The joyful yellow tone of the citrine and yellow aventurine goes hand-in-hand with its numerous capabilities. Feel more confident to achieve your goals and energise your mind to create a powerful “you.”


The sunny-like Citrine candle will shine a new perspective on your day while being a decorative candle choice for any setting, whether it be at home or at your work office, to keep you motivated for the day.


  • 100% soy wax with 500ml of wax
  • Geometric style for a contemporary look
  • Citrine crystals with yellow aventurine chips
  • Delightful Australian florals & honey scent
  • 60+ hours of burn time

Additional Information

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