Friendship Intention Candle




Unconditionally loving and optimistic, the Friendship Intention Candle nurtures relationships in your life and fills you with a love like never before.


Crystal of Love

Enrich your mind with thoughts of love and compassion for both others and yourself. The cluster of sweet pink rose quartz crystals in this candle illuminate once the wooden wick is lit, spreading its positive energy to those nearby. This candle will help you create loving and lasting relationships in your life while encouraging you to feel love for yourself, too.


Nourish Your Senses

While the crystals work their magic, the incredible aroma of this geometric crystal candle disperses wonderfully throughout the space to uplift the atmosphere and complement the power of the rose quartz. This smell replicates the refreshing scent of freshly cut roses. Freshen up the entrance of your home to greet guests, place it in your office to keep you optimistic in your work endeavours, or you can even add it to the living room where you can strengthen the bond with your family.


3-in-1 Purpose

The rose quartz crystal candle is a 3-in-1 masterpiece of creativity, spirituality, and an amazing fragrance. There’s nothing else that would make quite a lovely gift idea. Everything from the geometric style to the wooden wick and pink hue of the rose quartz combine beautifully for an eye-catching expression.


Bask in its essence, calm your mind, and feel the connection to nature more profoundly with this exclusive blend of soy wax, fragrance, and crystals – constructed entirely by hand in Melbourne, Victoria.


  • 100% soy wax with 500ml of wax
  • Geometric style for a contemporary look
  • Rose quartz crystals
  • Heavenly aroma of freshly cut roses
  • 60+ hours of burn time

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