Mini Strawberry Milkshake Candle




Is it a milkshake? Is it a candle? Or is it both?


Our Milkshake Candle is a vibrant and exciting design that looks like a real treat, perfect for uplifting the atmosphere of your home.


Creative Addition To The Home

This candle has been placed in a mug with a fusion of colours, decorations sprinkled on top, and a straw to finish off the realistic milkshake display. The wick emerges from the centre at the top, making it easy to light up in your home for ambience, decor, and fragrance. This would look wonderful in the kitchen, living room, or even on your bedside table – but remember, you can’t actually drink it!


Long Burning Time

In addition to its eye-catching appeal, the Milkshake Candle also has a burning time of approximately 15 hours. The 100% soy wax helps create a long-lasting candle that is vegan, renewable, and easy to maintain, with no harmful petroleum that adds to its appealing design.


Choose Your “Flavour”

Everyone has a unique taste, so it’s only right that you get to choose your preferred candle flavour. In other words, that’s the scent of your Milkshake Candle! Choose from a delicious strawberry, heavenly chocolate, refreshing peppermint, smooth caramel, or joyful bubblegum scent – each with its own exclusive milkshake design.


Perfect For Candle Lovers

Our Milkshake Candles would also make a lovely and thoughtful gift idea for any candle lover – especially for those who prefer more creative designs. Add to their cherished candle collection on their Birthday, Christmas, or as a random act of kindness. 


  • 100% soy wax with 100ml of wax
  • Realistic milkshake design
  • Decorative & fragrant
  • Various styles & scents available
  • >15 hours of burn time

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