Passion – Geometric Amethyst Candle




Drive your passion and seek balance with the Passion Intention Candle.


Powerful Amethyst

Thousands of years ago, the sacred Amethyst was recognised as a special crystal. Today, amethyst remains one of the most popular crystals for physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. Our Passion candle contains beautiful Amethyst crystal pieces that nurture your intuition, boost your immunity, calm the mind, and assist with decision-making.


Activate Your Potential

Once lit, the Passion Intention Candle unlocks and activates its healing powers on anyone nearby. Feel mesmerised by the gentle flicker of the wooden wick flame as it illuminates the amethyst’s essence. What’s more, the tantalising aroma of camellia and pink lotus complements the soothing properties of the amethyst exquisitely.


Geometric Art

This crystal candle design has a particularly eye-catching geometric style with a white and contrasting gold trim colour scheme. Like a special crystal cove, it’s a stunning addition to your home for decorative purposes while elevating the atmosphere with its crystal properties and heavenly aroma.


Send A Special Message

Our crystal candles are designed to convey a sweet message to a friend or lover at a time when they need it most. It’s an unexpected and charming gift that will no doubt give them the courage they need to chase their passions and find peace within themselves. No two candles are alike, with each piece hand-poured by our expert candlemakers in Melbourne, Victoria.

  • 100% soy wax with 500ml of wax
  • Geometric style for a contemporary look
  • Amethyst crystals
  • Camellia & pink lotus fragrance
  • 60+ hours of burn time

Additional Information

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